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Ink mixer
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Ink mixer

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Tattoo Machine Vortex Stirrer,Liquid Vortex Shaker Mixer,5200rpm Mini Fast Mixing Paint,for Tattoo Pigment Ink Nail Polish Eyelash Glue Paints Makeup Pigment (Ordinary Style Black)


  • New upgrade: Super powerful, the vortex oscillator can mix most liquids at a speed of 5200 RPM. Mix in 5 seconds. Do not shake the bottle by hand! , Faster than other ordinary mixers on the market. This saves more time and improves work efficiency.
  • High-quality quality: The black rubber head and high-quality chemical-resistant plastic mixer housing are the perfect combination of simplicity, fashion and durability. The heavy-duty zinc-aluminum alloy base ensures that the mixer will not swing when it is working. The foot pad design can fix the mixer in place during the mixing process. The size is 4.3 * 4.3 * 3.3 inches, which can save valuable desktop space and is convenient for you to take it with you when you tattoo.
  • Non-slip base: The tattoo vortex mixer has 8 suction cups, which can firmly fix the vortex mixer in place during mixing, which is more stable than normal and avoids the chance of falling. The stylish design of the mixer includes a rubber head, a chemically resistant plastic body, a zinc alloy base and a powerful and efficient 13V DC brushless motor.
  • Simple operation: easy to use, just put the sample to be mixed on the top of the machine. The surface of the agitator is smooth, compact and maintenance-free. The vortex mixer is small in size and easy to carry. Is your ideal tool!
  • Widely applicable: Suitable for nail polish, eyelash glue, paint, glue, tattoo ink, pigments, etc. It is very suitable for nail salons, beauty salons, artist studios, tattoo shops and outdoor use.